This class is designed to help you gain better off leash control of your dog.

Advanced Training Class – $150 ( None offered at this time )

For dogs that have successfully completed the beginner class and want even more control. This class is designed to help you gain better off leash control of your dog. We will work to teach the dogs the beginner commands off leash. Lots of new drills are added to fine-tune your dog’s obedience. This is a very rigorous class, diligently working on precision and immediate response. Please note: this class is only held at the Kansas City North location. Classes are each 45-60 minutes long. This is for a set of 6 sessions.

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Boarding and Training Cost: $1150


This is an intensive program where I keep your dog for 10 to 14 days and work on the beginner commands.

This program includes lots of time in my house to help reinforce house manners as well as incorporating the commands into daily life. After your dog is trained, you will receive a lesson when you pick up your dog and you are then enrolled in the beginner class to train you.

Please remember with boarding and training, I first train the dog, teaching him to accept leadership. It is critical that you immediately begin acting like a leader when he returns home. A well-mannered dog is the product of a healthy relationship between a beloved pet and his master. This is an ideal program for the owner who is vacationing, moving, has a problem dog or just needs to get the dog out of the house for a while.

Boarding and Training also gets you a copy of my DVD: Training You to Train Your Dog included in the package!

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