Charlotte not only trains the dogs, she also trains the people and makes it a positive experience. Charlotte has the patience to teach us how to train our dogs.” ~ Doug Pimm

“Charlotte’s own dogs are the proof of her ability. Her dogs are a pleasure to know and to love.” ~ Sherri Russell ~ DVM

“Charlotte’s methods mimic the natural behaviors and K9 thought process that dogs understand. She has studied the natural patterns of how dogs relate to each other and to the Alpha of their pack, and gives the owner the tools to become the Alpha, whom they have great respect for. This method of training has been proven by her many years of experience. The fact that the dogs understand this method and learn to respect and listen to their owners, creates a very happy and content dog. The classes are fun and informative and when you follow what she teaches, you will be certain to succeed. Once you have these tools, all of your pets in the years to come will benefit from this knowledge. As a breeder I pass along her Puppy Training video to each of my new families. With a little bit of work and some fun time spent bonding with your dog, you will enjoy many years of happy and cohesive living.”

Kiko B.
Daretobebare Chinese Cresteds &
Deko Bull Terriers


This is our 3rd black lab to be trained by Charlotte and Carl. They are the best! Thank you. 
Becky Hoots Joyce

“Charlotte’s training is a “must” for every dog owner – we learned exactly what we needed to know about our dogs and our relationship with them in order to have them be a wonderful, well-adjusted part of our family. Even our most difficult strays that we adopted responded beautifully to her training. As the result, we are very capable dog-owners, and our dogs are so happy and well behaved. We couldn’t have done it without her!”
Tom & Leslie Dunn