The dog should be between 4 and 6 months, although they can be 5-6 years and still benefit. I like to get the owners in class before bad habits are started.
The first night, just bring your dog and a willingness to learn – all equipment is provided.
No, no, the class is to train YOU to train your dog.
I don’t normally train with treats – I want the dog to work for me out of willingness to respond and respect. Too often a treat is not handy when you need a dog to mind. Treats may be used as a motivational tool for some dogs and as the occasional reward.
Yes! He doesn’t have to do it well – he just has to move on the leash. If you have any doubts, call and we may schedule a private lesson.
At this time, please limit to only one additional family member.
No, children need to be at least 12 years old to train in class, even then I want the adults to train the first 2 or 3 lessons and then work the child in. Children do not have the reaction time needed should their inquisitive puppy sniff some older grumpy dog. Practice with the children and the dog at home. Children are welcome to come and observe quietly. My priority is to make sure the dog is trained, and children do not always provide the structure a young puppy needs.
The maximum is usually 8 dogs and handlers. The normal is about 5 to 6. I reserve the right to make the class size appropriate for the situation.
Call me, my classes are very structured; dogs are not allowed to even sniff other dogs. I expect owners to keep control of their dogs while they train for better behavior.
Not a problem—I expect the male dogs to behave. It is just another distraction; a dog is not trained if he can’t handle common distractions.
You are more than welcome to come to a earlier or later class that night. I also teach in a spiral, so everything that is taught one week is reviewed the next week – you wouldn’t miss any commands – just some practice time. If for some reason your schedule changes, you may finish the class at a later date.

Call Charlotte: 816-628-6567