HoneyBear and Nail Trimming

Trimming a dogs nails can be a very difficult or a very easy task - it all depends on how early you start.  From the moment I brought HoneyBear home I frequently messed with her toes and pretended I was trimming her nails.  I also opened her mouth and peered in, checked her bite, looked [...]

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Pee pads, newspapers, paper towels & bleach wipes!

Pee pads, newspapers, paper towels & bleach wipes! Housebreaking a new puppy is a frustrating task. If I could be with her every second, I know I could get this done quickly, but I can’t, work calls. You know they can’t hold it, so you use the pee pads. That was great for about a week, then I realized that [...]

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Puppy Fever!! I had it bad.

What is better than puppy breath? Best cologne out there. My akita, Akai was turning 8 and it was time – at least that was my justification to adding a baby to our busy household. I started looking at websites and calling breeders. This was to be my 4th akita and I have been thru [...]

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