What is better than puppy breath? Best cologne out there. My akita, Akai was turning 8 and it was time – at least that was my justification to adding a baby to our busy household. I started looking at websites and calling breeders. This was to be my 4th akita and I have been thru the gamut from wonderful temperaments to dog aggression and bad hips and knees. I wanted to be as certain as I could that my new pup would be healthy in structure and mind. Akai’s breeder suggested that I contact Nancy Fisk of Akiko Kennels in Virginia since she knew Nancy insisted on wonderful temperaments and structure.

I checked out Nancy’s Website and what did I find: a brand new litter of precious babies:

akiko kennels

I could smell the puppy breath across the country. I called, of course I called. I don’t have a maternal bone in my body when it comes to baby humans, but give me a puppy and the deal is done.

Nancy really liked this litter and planned to keep a girl and a boy. The other girl was available (did I mention I wanted a girl?). It was kismet, we talked, I turned in the application and the little girl was going to be mine. Which little girl was still up in the air because Nancy had to decide which one she was keeping. I was rooting for the dark one on the left – the boy is in the middle.

All things take time, puppies do have to grow up, she had to be 8 weeks before she could come home with me, so meanwhile this photo kept me smiling:

My girl was on the left, the boy in the middle and the other little girl is on the right. Both were precious, it didn’t matter to me. I just had to wait….

puppy breath


Charlotte the Dog Trainer

Charlotte Fulkerson – Owner/Trainer