The conformation ring

So for all of you non-dog show folks.  The conformation ring is just a beauty contest.  We all know I am gorgeous, but really it is more than beauty.  I am judged on my structure and movement too.  A judge has to decide how well I fit the ‘Akita Standard’.

Here I am at about 1 year with my favorite judge.  She gave me a 4 point major.  That means that I was picked the best over several other female Akita’s.  I had to have 3 majors and 15 points to become a champion.  Ramona is been my handler for many shows.  She insists that I show to my best ability, love my Mom, but she loves me so much she doesn’t always make me strut my stuff.

We traveled to St. Louis, Springfield, Joplin, Illinois, Arkansas, Topeka, St. Joseph and of course Kansas City.  Love hotels -especially when Percy got to come too!!  We love wrestling on the bed.

I was getting bored so we also started working in Rally, this was pretty confusing for Mom, but I thought it was fun.  We would walk up to sign that told us what trick we had to do next, sometimes I was a little slow in doing the tricks but I always did them.  We even won a few ribbons along the way.

There is more news to catch you up on, but that’s all for now – My hooman is tired.  I just can’t type very well with my big feet.